Bulk NFT Offers

1) On the specifc NFT collection that you are wanting to make multiple offers on, start the process by selecting the NFTs you're interested in by pressing the "Check Box" on the top left corner of each NFT.
Your selected NFTs will have a purple tick and on the bottom left of your screen you can also see your selected NFTs
2) Press “Make An Offer at the bottom right of the page.
3) A modal will appear. You can now input the "Amount of WETH" you would like to offer on each NFT and specify the "Length of Time" you want your offers to be valid for.
Should the preset timeframes not be suitable for your needs, you can choose to input a custom timeframe you would like your offer to be valid for by selecting the "Calendar" located next to the timeframe dropdown.
4) Press "Offer All".
5) A modal will pop up displaying the NFTs and WETH amounts that you’re offering on to ensure they are correct, if correct press "Confirm".
6) You will now be prompted to "Sign" and complete the process from your wallet. Once you have done this, your offer will be live on the site.
After completing the Bulk Offer, you can view all the offers you’ve made by going to the offers page. To get to your offers page, press on your "User Profile" at the top right of the website and select "Offers" from the dropdown.

Cancelling or Making A New NFT Offer

From your "Offers" page, you can cancel any offers you’ve made by pressing the "Cancel" button located at the right side of the offer you want to cancel.
Alternativly, if you want to make a new offer or cancel any current ones, press on the NFT(s) you’ve made the offer on and either press "Cancel this offer" or "Make new offer" to amend according to your requirments.