Buying A Fixed-Price NFT

Buying A Single NFT

1) Navigate to the collection page you are wanting to buy an NFT from.
2) Select the listed fixed price NFT you would like to purchase. You can select a fixed price NFT by either:
  • Hovering over a listed NFT and pressing the "Check Box" located on the top left corner of the NFT, at which point it will turn purple to show it is selected.
Check Box Selected
  • Or by pressing on a listed NFT to open its "Detail Page"
NFT Detail Page
3) Click "Buy Now". Depending on which NFT selection process you chose above on (2), there are two possible locations you will see buy now:
  • If you chose the "Check Box" method, you will see "Buy Now" on the bottom right of the screen.
Check Box Buy Now
  • Or if you chose to open the NFTs "Detail Page", you will see "Buy Now" located on the right of the NFT display.
Detail Page Buy Now
If this is your first purchase on Gigamart, a dialogue will pop up asking you to sign and accept the terms of service of GigMart.
4) A "Complete Purchase" modal will appear and your wallet extension will pop up, press "Confirm" on your wallet extension to begin the transaction and once completed, your NFT purchase is complete.