Next-Gen Notifications

Tired of missing airdrops? Yeah us too. True NFT heads need to track far too many sources of information to remain up-to-date. With GigaMart’s next-gen notification system, users can easily track any meaningful update, from project announcements to airdrop instructions. GM users now have all the data and tools required to crush the fast-paced NFT market!
To get to your notifications, all you have to do is press on the bell icon located at the top right of the screen.

In the notifications tab you can get notifications about:

  • Airdrops Any airdrop or claim made available by a collection you are holding.
  • Announcements When a collection you’re following makes an announcement.
  • Followers Any new person that starts following your wallet/profile.
  • Sold When an item you had listed is sold.
  • Purchases When you have successfully purchased an item.
  • Incoming Offers Any incoming offers on your NFTs.
  • Accepted Offers When any of the offers you’ve put out on NFT’s are accepted.
  • Transfers Any NFTs transferred to your wallet.
  • Favorites If any of your NFTs was favorited by someone.