Listing A Single NFT

1) Press on your "User Profile" located on the top right of your screen and select My Profile”.
2) Hover over the NFT that you would like to sell and click the ”three dotslocated on the top right of the NFT & press "Sell NFT".
3) Input the Price you would like to list your NFT for and select the sales duration you would like the sale to be valid. You can adjust the sales duration by clicking the toggle on “Schedule Listing End Time which will provide preset timeframes to select from.
Default listing timeframe is set to 6 months. Should the preset timeframes not be suitable for your needs, you can choose to input a custom timeframe you would like your listing to be valid for by selecting "Custom".
4) Once you have confirmed the parameters of your listing, click ”List It.
If this is your first purchase on GigaMart, a dialogue will pop up asking you to sign and accept the terms of service of GigaMart.
5) Your wallet extension will pop up, press "Confirm" on your wallet extension to begin the transaction and once completed, your NFT will be listed.